Even the Most Attentive & Loving Guardian Can Forget a Sleeping Child

Even the Most Attentive & Loving Guardian Can Forget a Sleeping Child

When you hear a story on the news about a child that died from heat stroke because their guardian or caregiver left them in the car, you usually don’t have very positive thoughts about the adult who left the child in the car. Regardless of whether it was an accident, or just a poor choice to leave for just a short time, most people assume that they are a bad person.
People tend to say things along the lines of, “How could they forget? I would never forget.” or “Why would they leave a child in the car?? I know better than that and I don’t even have kids.”. While these hyper critical attitudes are normal, they aren’t necessarily fair. While you may think that you could never forget a child in the car, that doesn’t necessarily make it so. You don’t choose what to forget and what to remember.

Even the Very Best Person Has a Worst Day

Even if you have literally never forgotten a single, important thing in your entire life, you’re bound to slip up eventually. No one is perfect, including you. Even the very best person has a worst day. Doctors, lawyers, retail stockers, landscapers, writers, police officers, librarians, school teachers, etc… The list goes on and on.
The point is, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do for a living, or how good your track record is so far for remembering things- you could still have just one bad day that changes things forever. You could momentarily forget something critically important; such as a sleeping child in your vehicle.

A Unique Device That’s Designed to Help You Remember Your Passengers Safety

Even if you have a great memory and are at the top of your game as a parent, a little extra insurance never hurt anyone right? In fact, extra insurance can bring you a bit of relief. When you know that you have a device that is specifically designed to monitor your vehicle for temperature and passengers you just might breathe a little easier when making outings in your vehicle.
We’ve designed just such a device, and it’s called the Vesta. The Vesta is a solar powered device that you place in your vehicle to monitor CO2 emissions as well as the temperature inside of the vehicle. It is programmed to send you and up to 9 other people a text message alert if it registers that there may be a passenger in danger of overheating. This device is a potential life saver just waiting to be unwrapped and installed in your vehicle.