Heat Stroke Can Afflict Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Heat Stroke Can Afflict Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Heat stroke fatality cases in which a child is left unattended or unmonitored in a vehicle claim the lives of 37 kids each year. And adults die every year from similar circumstances as well. News coverage of these easily avoidable and highly tragic events is usually extensive and seems to increase awareness of the dangers of vehicular fatalities caused by heat stroke. However, the number of annual deaths attributed to vehicular heat stroke cases hasn’t changed significantly in the past 20 or so years, according to studies.
If defies logic that while people are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers associated with an activity they would continue to engage in the activity at the same rate. So if people are aware of the dangers of heat stroke, why don’t they avoid high-risk activities that leave them or their passenger in harm’s way? Well, it isn’t usually that simple.

People Are Distractible By Nature

Oh look, something shiny. Everyone has their own version of the ‘Oh look, something shiny’ moment. That moment when your brain just decides, seemingly at random, that it is done focusing on the thought at hand and becomes interested in some other external environmental factor. Whether you’re distracted by certain colors, characters, tones, pitches, movements, etc… there’s something that grabs your attention predominantly when your brain is trying to focus elsewhere.
Distractibility is normal for the most part. Obviously if you’re forgetting your shoes and locking yourself out of the house on a weekly basis there may be a significant problem, but the average person has ‘spacy’ moments sometimes. It’s just a part of life.
That is why we implement so many different strategies to organize our thoughts and our daily routines. It’s to automate as much as possible of what we need to accomplish so that we have a higher chance of remembering to do everything that we intend to.

Remembering the Needs of Those Who Depend Upon You is an Extra Strain

If we as human beings can’t even remember to take care of the details of our own needs and schedules without a little help, how can we possibly remember the additional needs and schedules of our dependents? With a ton of effort, positive habit forming behaviors that reinforce important actions, and a good reminder system.
We use technology to remind us of all sorts of different things. Sometimes they’re important, sometimes they aren’t. When paired with our new safety alert system device, the Vesta can remind you of one of the most important things of all- the passengers in your care. Vesta is designed to send you text message alerts when there is a passenger in danger of overheating in your vehicle.
Vesta is an innovative new product with an ingenuitive design. It is solar powered, GPS enabled, and monitors both CO2 and the temperature inside of your vehicle. If it registers a present passenger in danger of heatstroke while the vehicle is parked it can send an alert to up to 10 people of your choice. Vesta can help you remember one of the top things on your list today- your passengers safety.