Heat Stroke Doesn’t Discriminate

Heat Stroke Doesn’t Discriminate

Heat stroke doesn’t happen exclusively to ignorant or ill-informed people. Every year there are cases of heat stroke fatalities that are attributed to either the poor memory or poor choices of parents, pet owners, or other guardians. Some of these people are doctors. Some of them are retail workers. Some are fire fighters. Some are students. Some of them worked with children every day. People from all walks of life are capable of forgetting things. Even critically important things like a passenger that isn’t able to take responsibility for their own care.
The vast majority of the people involved in these tragic incidents are good, upstanding citizens that would not only never intentionally harm someone else, but would actually go out of their way to help someone. Leaving a passenger in a car; whether purposely or not; is a mistake than anyone could make under circumstances outside of their control.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Everyone occasionally makes a mistake. The majority of the time these mistakes are not life threatening or hyper critical in nature, but even the best people sometimes make terrible decisions and/or mistakes. Heat stroke claims victims from both categories every year. When people and pets are left in the car, they are exposed to the risk of both hyperthermia and hypothermia; depending upon the weather.

How Our Company is Trying to Help the Situation

We wanted everyone to have access to an affordable, environmentally friendly, and otherwise safe alert system that can help them protect those in their care. So we designed it, built it, and are providing it at a very reasonable price. The Vesta is designed to monitor the temperature and occupancy of your vehicle on a regular basis in order to make sure that there are no passengers in danger of heat related illness such as heat stroke, cramps, stress, or exhaustion.
When Vesta recognizes a potentially hazardous temperature range for your passenger, it can send you an alert through convenient text messaging technology and let you know that you may have forgotten someone in the car. Vesta is a great device for people of all ages, job descriptions, backgrounds, etc. Even if you do not have any dependents or pets of your own, you probably occasionally drive someone else’s. Wouldn’t it be better to be safe than sorry?