Heat Stroke Can Happen to Anyone

Heat Stroke Can Happen to Anyone

Heat stroke strikes people from all different groups; whether social, socioeconomic, age, gender, etc… The likelihood of heat stroke is dramatically increased by certain environments and factors, such as sitting in a parked vehicle for a length of time. While many states do not have laws regarding whether or not it is acceptable to leave children, pets, or the elderly in your vehicle while it is unattended, it is a very serious issue that plagues residents of all fifty states.
Each year dozens of children, animals, and other individuals who are incapacitated in some manner perish from heat stroke while sitting in a parked vehicle. Many of these cases result in the death of very young children; which is particularly tragic. The numbers reflected by auto related heat stroke statistics show involved parties from every region, and every socioeconomic and educational background imaginable.

What These Statistics Show is Startling but True

These statistics show that people of all different levels of awareness of the possible dangers of heat stroke still run the risk of accidentally leaving a passenger in danger in their vehicle. People lead very busy lives nowadays, and the results aren’t always positive. Our busy schedules and constant incoming stimuli from a variety of sources that all demand our attention are a strain on the mind.
It doesn’t matter how dedicated you are to remembering those who depend upon you, you could still make a mistake. You’re only human after all. That’s why technology companies are developing new and exciting ways to help you keep track of the things that are most important for you to remember.

Vesta Has Your Back

Our passenger alert system is designed to help you realize when you have a passenger that could be at risk of too much heat exposure. It does this by monitoring the temperature of your vehicle as well as the CO2 level that is present. Significant increases in CO2 levels can potentially indicate to the system that there is a passenger present. If the temperature inside of the vehicle has reached an unsafe level the device is programmed to send a text message alert to you or the other people of your choice to let you know.
This handy little gadget is available now at an affordable price that will incentivize you to get one in to your vehicle as soon as possible. Its functionality, solar charging capabilities, and sleek, attractive design make it a win-win-win. Vesta could potentially save the life of your passenger by alerting you to the danger that they are in. You can’t put a price on that.